Something to cleanse your palate after I made you look at those photos of Johnny Depp. Check out Daniel Day-Lewis in New York this week. It’s been a quite few years for DDL since he won the Oscar for Lincoln. In fact, he actually hasn’t committed to anything since Lincoln, perhaps taking some time off so that Rebecca Miller, his wife, could work on her new film, Maggie’s Plan, which screened at TIFF – click here to read Joanna’s review.

I also think for DDL that he gets so immersed in his roles, turns himself inside out for the character, that it might take time in between for him to centre again. If it were anyone else, I’d write this with an eye-roll. Why then does it not bother me coming from DDL? I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he’s not the one telling me. We get this information from his director, his castmates, his admirers. But DDL’s not sitting in a junket interview starting sentences with “four scores and seven years ago”. And the minute he doesn’t have to be in your face…he’s wayyyyy out of your face. All of them say they “just want to act”. Very few of them “just want to act”. Daniel Day-Lewis actually just wants to act.

DDL is now 58 years old. And, ahem, Johnny Depp, still a badass. That hair is badass. This is the hair I’m going to show Jacek and say, “this man is 58 years old and he’s working the sh-t out of this hair, could you please grow some style and do the same?” And you can have the tats too, you know? At 58, you can have the tats, Johnny Depp. DDL has the tats too, he’s 6 years older, and no one’s embarrassed for him about his tats. Why can’t this be the model to follow?