It’s not just the accent, of course. It’s that shiny silver hair and the lilt in the voice and the grin. Right now I’m having a bit of a hard time, because even though I know him in my bones to be Irish, it turns out he wasn’t born there, and I’m questioning everything I know. It was shaky there for a while but apparently he’s adopted Irish citizenship so we’re good. (Lainey says I’m obsessed with Irish things but I notice she has no problem finding things to like about the men my country exports)

Moreover, he got to present the award to Cate Blanchett. Most of the time the “last year’s male winner to this year’s female winner” construct comes up with some pretty odd combinations of people, who have either never met or probably had wild hot terrible affairs for three weeks when they were 24. 

But when they embraced, we all inhaled with delight. Ohhhh. What if those two were in a movie together? Wouldn’t that be something special? 

If you’re a mid-level development exec and you have to go to work tomorrow hung over from tonight’s parties, this is what you should do to try to be productive in the office in the morning. Flip through the slush pile looking for scripts to make this combination happen. Please? You know it would be great and also you can do it wearing sunglasses…