I don’t get Josh Groban. To me, it’s cheese. Super cheese. But what do I know? Josh Groban sells A LOT of albums. Women lose their sh*t over Josh Groban. Josh Groban’s Christmas album broke, like, 15 records. So don’t lie. I know you’re out there. I know you’re a closet Josh Groban fan. I know you think he’s cute and cuddly.

And if you do, you’ll probably think the same of Daniel Panetta… who is 16 so mind your Gay Math! And mind your daughter too.

Because Daniel Panetta is going through you to get to your daughter. And some of you might not be able to resist.

Daniel is Canadian. Hailed as the next break out young star, he’s cute in an un-packaged kind of way, his voice is impressive, and his self promotional strategy even more so.

To celebrate mother’s day, Daniel has shipped 5,000 copies of his song “Mama” to mothers of deployed Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. Not bad, kid…not bad at all.

There’s a saying in Chinese: one type rice feed hundred type people. Like different strokes for different strokes, only a bit more poetic.

We have new emerging talent in Canada. Support your Canadian star system by agreeing to an introduction at the very least. God knows we all did it for Pam Anderson.

Click here to visit Daniel Panetta’s MySpace. And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!