My trunk is filled with reusable grocery bags. Maybe too many. I worry that that defeats the purpose. But there’s a smugness to be derived from pulling up at the cash register and declining a plastic option, non? I mean, I can see my own smugness when it happens. And I can’t seem to stop myself. Sometimes I wonder if I even speak differently when my reusable shopping bag is full as I saunter out of the grocery casting judgy glances at those who don’t have reusable shopping bags. And by the time I get back into the car I’m asking myself why I’m such an asshole over a goddamn reusable shopping bag.

But I did really enjoy seeing these photos of Daniel Radcliffe last week with what looks to me like a reusable shopping bag arriving back in London after a promotional trip to the US. He’s a multimillionaire but doesn’t roll with millionaire luggage. Cute, right? And I have to tell you, for the most part, he really doesn’t blow hard with pretention the way some of his peers might do (like me with my reusable shopping bag), in particular the ones raised in North America who can match his level of success.

Anyway, I just needed an excuse to post Dan’s new Funny or Die. Have you seen it? Many of you have sent it over positing it’s his best acting, like, ever. You do have a point... but he was so much better in the Deathly Hallows Part 1! They all were!


Photos from Matt Keeble/