Suppose you’re an affable, lovable male actor in your 20s who’s generally respected and considered to be both talented and kind of a get-along guy – sooner or later you’re going to get asked to do something that is a little embarrassing or has the potential to be silly or great. Possibly in a live show (if you’re a woman, you’ll get asked to do a sketch that takes place mostly in a dressing room or bathroom, and is pretaped).

You won’t be sure whether or not this is going to go well, but you know that the key to any bit is to fully commit to it, and so you will blithely dance around, complete with inversions, all in the service of maybe making the bit work and being a team player, which is such an essential part of showbiz. 

But if it turns out, as it did last night, that the gag is a no-go because the host is a loser who can’t decide who he wants to be, well, then, you’re just smiling good sports who will privately cringe with your friends about what exactly went down at that thing you got roped into.   Which isn’t the worst position to be in, and you won’t wear it, but in the moment, all you can do is smile through it.

Oscars 2013 - Opening Number With Seth... by IdolxMuzic