They’ve released a teaser trailer to the first film starring Daniel Radcliffe since the end of the Harry Potter film franchise, The Woman in Black.

I admit, I’m a pussy when it comes to scary movies and don’t handle them very well. Especially Chinese scary movies because the spirits in my culture don’t seem to discriminate between good people and bad people. At least spirits in other cultures give good people a fighting chance. Chinese spirits don’t give a sh-t one way or the other.

But this bitch in black doesn’t seem to either. And that voice over! And the poem! And that goddamn chime bell! Why do people hang chimes anyway???

Daniel told MTV that The Woman in Black:

“(Is) going to be terrifying, and at the test screening they had, apparently people were leaping out of their seats terrified, so I think it's just going to be a really, really good movie.” (Source)

I don’t know about a really, really good movie. But scary? Sure. I believe that. I also believe that Daniel, from this brief clip, is not Harry Potter. So that’s good news. The worry for him of course is whether or not he can ever be anything other than The Boy Who Lived. And this seems like a good start - yes, yes, on top of all the work he’s been doing on Broadway.