Danielle Radcliffe will bring Equus to Broadway and was at the Tony Awards last night getting a feel for what will be his home for several weeks this fall. Apparently young Harry Potter is now regarded as some kind of heartthrob these days. He’s a sweet kid, very engaging, very articulate, very likable… but a heartthrob?



To me it’s like the Elijah Wood Effect. Once upon a time we called it cute. Then he grew up to play a Hobbit. Hobbits don’t quiver loins. At least not universally. Hobbit quiveration is more like a fringe fetish, you know? Like plushophiles and people who get off on vegetables.

Maybe it’s just the awkward pre-20 phase. But if you wanted to bet a boob job today on which side Daniel Radcliffe ends up on – David Beckham or Frodo – my breast augmentation is with Frodo. I’ll take those odds all day long.

Photos from Wenn.com