Hold on to your pervy loins – Daniel Radcliffe will be getting naked again, this time for the benefit of American audiences. Can you stand it?

Dan is reprising his role in Equus for Broadway which means there will be a gay pilgrimage to the Great White Way come September. Or more like a gay stampede. Gays and horny middle aged ladies relieved they can hide their inappropriate thoughts about an 18 year old under the guise of “art and culture”.

You know who you are. And I know who you are! Because I get your emails you dirty girls! But if you’re older than 22, Dan Rad does not comply with Gay Math:

Half your age + seven

At least wait til he’s over 20… deal? Like me and Hunter Parrish who turns 21 in a month. I emailed Duana a few weeks ago and asked her to grant me an exception. She wrote back, something to the effect of:

He’s, like, 5 years old. F&ck off.

Duana is never wrong.

Gay Math is never wrong.