He’s a nice kid. He works hard, he has great manners, he’s intelligent, he seems sweet…but he does have that baby face. And a baby face on a 19 year old boy trying to be a man is regarded as a curse. Which is probably why he’s trying out the facial hair. Problem is… Daniel Radcliffe is follicularly challenged. A made up word but the only one that applies, resulting in another word that screams out in reaction – PUBE.

It’s not mature, sorry. But hair that grows like this… it looks pubey. He has a pubey face.

Baby Face > Pubey Face. Can we all agree?

This is Daniel in NY yesterday soon to be stationed there for Equus. DanRad recently addressed speculation that the Half Blood Prince film delay was the fault of his schedule. Some say that he would not have been able to adequately promote the movie due to his commitment on Broadway. He denies the accusation, insisting that he only found out about the decision the day before the rest of the world did and that he would have honoured his press obligations to Harry as was the case the first five times around.

For real though, it really was all about the money. In Hollywood it’s always all about the money. Warner Bros will cash in huge – huger! – during the summer.

Photos from Wenn.com