I cannot tell you how much these pictures make me laugh. This is what happens in Hollywood.  

You are Daniel Radcliffe, barely out of your teens, and you are there because Harry Potter, your stunningly successful magic franchise, is up for some final awards, none glamorous, and which will require you to be the smiling face of the enterprise when everyone takes pictures of the Harry Potter team at the last BAFTAs that will celebrate the production.

You are Octavia Spencer, and your portrayal of a maid from an area very close to where you grew up -- in a role that was, by all accounts, written for you and very close to your personality --  is winning you every award on offer, and is going to continue to do so for the next two weeks.

For reasons that don’t particularly become clear, Radcliffe presents the award for Best Supporting Actress -- I mean, it’s not like he won this one last year -- and calls Spencer’s name   Then you get pictures like these, which just kill me because – I don’t know why, exactly.  Is it because they’re exactly the same height in these pictures?  Is it because their career-making films – both based on books - are so vastly, crazily different?   

I just love this concept in Hollywood.  Sit beside someone at a dinner and you are best friends.  Land beside each other on the carpet, you have to throw your arms around each other and pose.  Obviously you kiss anyone you present an award to – are you also whispering introductions at the time? In fact, do celebrities do away with intros at all?  Do you just go through the motions?  “Hi, I’m –-“ and your older celebrity friend is like “stop it, everyone knows your name”?

Tickled me.  Also, they both look great, right?