I like this word, “dashing”. I don’t use it very much. Few people earn it. But when they do earn it, DASHING is a great word. Sidney Poitier is dashing. Colin Firth is dashing. George Clooney is dashing.

Look at him last night in New York promoting The Monuments Men. I prefer him in the open-neck shirt he wore to Letterman. Come on. This is sexy. And he looks so good right now, always in top form when he’s selling.

George made our day with Julia Roberts yesterday in that Vanity Fair video when they were laughing at Gwyneth Paltrow – click here for a refresher. They gossip. They ALL gossip. About themselves. Just like us. A reader called Kate sent me a note yesterday reminding me of a classic George and Julia moment brought to us by Oprah Winfrey. (Thanks Kate!) You’ll recall, their very first conversation was talking sh-t about people. GOSSIP.

That’s what these two do, all f-cking day. And they LOVE IT! And I love it. And I want a piece of it! Like, a News Of The World phone hacking piece of it! Without all the law-breaking and criminal activity, of course, obviously, if that’s actually possible but probably not which is too bad but I’ll be the scab of humanity to admit that I’d be the first to press play.