Steven Soderbergh should have found a way to include Tina Fey and Steve Carell in Che. That way I would have gladly endured his four hour exercise in vanity. Because Fey and Carell really do have the most wonderful chemistry. And this is what makes Date Night a good time. Was it formulaic and absurd in parts? Of course. Greatest comedy of all time. Please. No. But is it funny? It is. Very funny. And funny without being The Hangover, like R rated, which is not to say that I’m about to prude you but I was wondering whether or not, dirty bitch that I am, if I’m still capable of laughing at sh-t that isn’t offensive and offside. And it was refreshing to me that this movie, PG13, with no tits and ass (for the most part) and very little crudity, was hilarious. I loved it. Mostly because I love them. I love watching them. I love watching them interact, bouncing off each other, dancing around each other, Fey and Carell are an irresistible team. And it reminds me of what moviemaking used to be back when movies were about Movie Stars. You didn’t need much else.

I went to the screening last night with Fiona. Jacek had to watch the hockey game and besides, Fiona are I are so temperamentally different, it’s makes for a more balanced reaction. She doesn’t give a sh-t about celebrities, she isn’t a student of pop culture, she isn’t a catty petty bitch, so when she and I agree on something and like it together, it’s usually a good sign. And we were worried about Date Night too. That the trailer had all the good parts and the rest of the movie would be sh-t. This is not the case. We both came out of there impressed. And I came out of there with a small crush on Steve Carell. Not like a Freebie 5 crush (there is no headboard fantasy involved) but a new appreciation for him as a romantic lead. He’s really, really cute.

And I think you’ll really, really enjoy the cameos. The cameos are clever and not distracting. And if only James Franco would stop writing his cheese and just do this we wouldn’t have a problem.

But is Date Night a movie for everyone? I want very much for it to be. I want very much to not stereotype and say that even an 18 year old would enjoy it... but I don’t know that that’s true in the same way that I think most 18 year olds probably would The Hangover is a much funnier movie whereas I would probably disagree. Aside from Mark Wahlberg walking around without his shirt on the whole time, Date Night isn’t “sexy” for the short attention span. You could say it’s a little smarter than that. Which is why I hope so hard it kicks some ass this weekend.

Small gripe? Taraji P Henson – I adore her, but I don’t know why they made her wear her hair like that.

Here are Tina and Steve and also Leighton Meester at the NY premiere last night. Leighton Meester can STILL play a babysitter convincingly.

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