Perfect young couple: beautiful and cute, comparable status, first colleagues now lovers trying to stay out of the spotlight. At first, she was charmed by his charm, thought that she had found someone less brooding than her last boyfriend, someone less complicated, with fewer issues. Problem is, the honeymoon phase is over, and as is often the case when dating al narcissistic whiney bitches, their life has become completely about him – what he wants to do, who he wants to see, and what he wants to use.

It was cocaine last year – an addiction he managed to get under control rather quickly. But plagued by professional setbacks and self doubt, he started using recreationally again a few months ago, escalating now to the point where he has become surly and grumpy, alienating many of his own friends and isolating her from hers. Although she is not doing it with him, she is giving up her other relationships to be with him. Her once close group of girls has been pushed out of her life, she hardly sees them, she hardly calls, and she makes excuses when she’s with him, ignoring pleas from her confidantes to slow things down.

Worse still, it’s beginning to affect her work. She has been loathe to accept offers without checking with him first… and his response? “But I want us to be together, baby”. Apparently his cheese is as bad as his acting.