The clip is linked below...must watch!

You know these two together – ordinarily his hand is perfunctorily placed on her thigh, their torsos turned toward each other in a show of solidarity and rarely do they stray from the program, even when another woman is blasting to the press about how he rocked her in bed while his wife was away.

So what does it say about Victoria and David now, seen here watching a match the other day, side by side but emotionally apparently very far apart? Sure, the clip has been manipulated to hammer home a certain point… but still. As she fusses endlessly with herself – her hair, her makeup – he looks like he’s about to scratch his own eyes out.

Clearly the man needs more sex. Clearly his wife isn’t giving it to him…

I’m telling you, only a matter of time… smutty tingles all over.

Click here for the clip.

Thanks A!