Trouble ahead…and not to be mean but trouble for the Beckhams is always so smuttily spectacular, from a gossip perspective, it’s hard not to get a little amped. Besides, given the fact that Victoria has invited cameras into her Los Angeles life to document their glamourous existence, is it really all that despicable?

Looks like there is a personal and professional crossroads ahead. Hellbent on conquering America, Victoria, as we all know, has been frequently absent, spending much time in Hollywood looking for a home and then getting her home and her wardrobe ready for the family’s summer debut.

Meanwhile, Becks has experienced a career resurgence of sorts in Spain, elevating his game for one last hurrah with Real Madrid to the point that he is noticeably closer to Captain form for England, which has not gone unnoticed by England manager Steve McLaren who has been floating hints that David may be invited back to play for the national team for European Championship qualifiers.

As you recall, Becks was seen to be unceremoniously dumped from the team last year and is apparently now eager to redeem himself on the homefront with 100 career caps well within reach.

Problem is… what about LA? And what about Posh?

The LA Galaxy is not eager to let their superstar commodity go back to Europe when millions of dollars in prospective ticket sales hang on the balance of his loins. Although they have said that David’s representation on a national level would greatly enhance his cachet, he is also expected to fulfill his expectations to his American team, especially since they are bankrolling his wife’s new life to the tune of a reported US$250 million.

From a relationship standpoint, all this distance is bringing back memories of the last time they were apart, when Victoria was still pursuing a solo recording career.

Newly signed on to Real Madrid, David was lonely and horny and immediately gravitated to luscious bountiful breasts of one Rebecca Loos, who then promptly sold her story to everyone willing to pay her. She said he was an excellent, considerate lover. No doubt his skills have gone terribly underused of late. Shame…

And now that he’s once again being constantly been left to his own devices, will David’s libido once again lead him astray? Or will Posh tighten things up in time before another brand embarrassment?

British gossips report that they are rowing, that David is getting cold feet about a US move, but that Victoria is pushing it forward aggressively determined to find fame in the elusive American market. Rumour has it he retaliated petulantly with a new tattoo, rumour also has it he has been tempted to retaliate with a whole lot worse. My smutty sense is tingling… yours?