Many concur: it was a kneejerk reaction, a decision based on emotion, a decision made prematurely, and a decision he is supposedly regretting more every day, though with a stiff upper lip he will gamely honour his promise.

David Beckham, on the eve of his move to America, in London yesterday at the Concert for Diana to introduce Take That, was greeted with one of the loudest receptions of the evening – a bittersweet moment for a man who will be calling Los Angeles home for the next long while.

Word is Becks has been particularly nostalgic of late…and that it’s pissing off his wife who has been announcing grandiose plans of her own, including a much-hyped Spice Girls reunion that has reportedly generated enthusiastic response world wide with millions already registering online for concert tickets in December and January.

I’m told that David has always been super super super supportive of the Spice initiative but now, in light of the fact that it’s finally happened, wishes they would have waited to nail that down before bailing for the States, seeing as England is now once again so much more receptive to their brand. As such, Becks is hardly excited to be going while she is supposedly too amped about her newest handbag to notice.

And given that she’ll be rehearsing and recording (snort) in studio while he’s on the road with his new team, in a country with floozies from Vegas to Virginia hoping to ride it, who don’t care about his ring finger, UK gossips are watching and waiting, breathless with anticipation…

David will crack. And soon.

Here he is at Wembley with his boys – Cruz looks a lot like Romeo, non?

Also – according to the London Sun, Victoria at one point was overhead saying “Everyone keeps going on about my tits — but they’re only a 32B.”

Love this bitch.

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