Becks has a new tattoo. In Chinese. I can speak it, but the only thing I can read and write are names of movie stars.

As such, according to Page Six:

“The tattoo is written in traditional Mandarin Chinese and is an old Chinese proverb that says: "Death and life have determined appointments, Riches and honors depends upon heaven." David got the tattoo while the L.A. Galaxy were in Hong Kong for their pre-season tour of Asia.”

Love Page Six but their source is ignorant. There is no such thing as “written in traditional Mandarin Chinese”. Written Chinese is written Chinese. Period. What changes is the dialect. Mandarin is a dialect. Cantonese is a dialect. It means words are pronounced differently, written the same way, with the same meaning. A very loose, loose, loose comparison would be North American pronunciation vs English pronunciation. But it’s still English.

Anyway, a few more shots attached of Becks during the game. Love that his teammate is merely covering his balls while David has to go for the full on clutch. Must protect the golden jewels. This is a good thing. We are all waiting for LaLa Beckham.

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