Compare the Beckhams and their parenting styles. Oh you judgy moms - you know you love it.

After a weekend in New York with the Cruises, every minute commemorated by the paps, Victoria and David parted ways – she to London to promote her copycat dress line, he back to LA with their boys. But not before he spent some time with his sons enjoying the Big Apple.

A few points:

  • Romeo’s hair slicked and parted makes my life
  • the Beckham boys already wear their pants better than Tom Cruise ever could
  • if I were a single girl, dating a man with children would never be a dealbreaker. Please! It’d be a dealMAKER. Because he’d be less likely to make me give him one. Besides, if he were anything like Becks… any time, right?

By contrast you will note, when we happen to see Posh out with her kids, she’s always doing something she wants to do. Like shopping at the Grove. Or Saks. Shopping anywhere, actually.

And definitely not at the Laker game which is where all 4 Beckham boys were yesterday. Cruz, as you can see, is still into the breakdancing. He busted a move during a break in play. Just like mom. Never one to miss out on an opportunity for attention.

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