How do you smell a planted story?

It’s one that involves the GMD checking out the ladies.



So Radar is reporting that after the game last night, Tom Cruise tagged along with the Beckhams and they all ended up at Hyde. Apparently Posh sat stonefaced and crossed legged the whole night on the couch – can you imagine Posh sitting cross legged? How can one pose and look thin while sitting crossed legged?

While Posh was pouting, David and the GMD were observed to be carousing like “frat boys” and ogling women. A few horny tarty dressed broads approached and asked Becks for a photo. He obliged and started flirting with them, encouraging them to touch each other, carrying on like Posh wasn’t there. And she was fuming.

We are supposed to believe that the GMD was participating in this straight male activity, getting just as excited as Becks.


Victoria refused to speak to David after that and moved away from him, but he didn’t care. Instead, he and his “wingman” decided to hit the bar, and Becks grabbed some girl’s ass along the way.

Then they pounded back the drinks all night while the Midge danced his tits off to Jackson 5 songs.


I have a vivid imagination. I can picture almost anything. I can picture the GMD dressed in Louboutins and bondage gear begging Becks to make it sting. I can picture him doing the Single Ladies in nothing but a Katie Holmes original design as the seams fall apart every time he pirouettes.

I canNOT picture him pulling a Brody Jenner at Hyde with David Beckham on a Sunday night at Hyde.

Can. NOT.

It’s absurd.

Needless to say, a Church member is circulating nonsense.

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