David and Victoria Beckham and their boys flew via private plane to Telluride yesterday to join the Tom Cruise on his ranch for a short visit. As you can see, the GMD personally arrived to pick up the party, especially excited that he and David would be sleeping a few doors down from each other, at least for a couple of nights.

Check it out – no driver…at least not for Becks.

To be fair though, the Beckham boys seem super excited to be there… Romeo in particular. And it’s a nice touch too – that Tom not only was there in person to greet his guests but appears to be helping them off the plane too. See him reaching for Cruz? Bonus points for that one.

But taking away Will Smith? Turning Will into a freak?

Unforgivable. Forever.

Ps. The GMD loves his cowboy hat!

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com