But what about the Posh?

After spending most of the summer abroad – in South Africa for the World Cup, in France for family holiday, in England to reclaim the British flavour – David Beckham and his boys returned home to Los Angeles yesterday not accompanied by Victoria. Victoria in fact has kept a relatively low profile for months, looking after the kids while Becks has been away and now perhaps focusing on her fashion situation, especially since her dress collection has been such a success. Thanks Roland Mouret.

Have said this before but Jesus, Brooklyn is so big now it’s tripping me out. Bet you he could bust up Justin Bieber’s ass. With his brother Cruz fist-pumping behind him. That kid is hilarious. Oh but Romeo looks so much like his mother. Those will grow into some beautiful features. Something like Cam Gigandet or Jude Law. You think?

And of course many of you emailed recently about Posh’s new Vogue – her fifth Vogue, this time for Turkey. Which of course means another year will pass without the one that really matters: American Vogue and Anna Wintour. It’s really not the same.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com