It’s Becks arriving at Heathrow. With his mother and father in law, the Adams Family. As you can see, Becks is working a beard. Gross. And a hat that looks too big. Not his best showing. But Posh’s parents are babysitting him. Even if he was at his hottest, he still couldn’t put it to use.

My in-laws are great. We go for dinner, we laugh, we share, we are close… I love them. Travelling with them is an entirely different story. I can barely stand to travel with Jacek. You know after a few days, when someone’s been in your face every minute, the edges start blur, and the nerves begin to fray… and it’s ok to lose it on your husband, to snap at him when he’s taking forever on the security line. It becomes an entirely different beast if you snap at the woman who birthed him if she can’t walk fast enough to the next gate.

But they have children, the Beckhams. And very busy careers. And they fly here and there and the grandparents they help out. So they’re around. A lot. Because they don’t want to use nannies. And that’s wonderful. But if Jacek had to be around my mother the Chinese Squawking Chicken as often as Becks has to be around Jackie… we would likely not still be married.

Photos from ALMASI/