Man style is very important to me because I married one without any and it’s one of the chief complaints of my shallow life. The thing is, it’s not like I’m trying to force Jacek into a body type that isn’t his. What’s most excruciating is that Jacek is on the lean side, tall enough, and built like Beckham. He has a great gait. He has no thigh thickness. He has wide shoulders and narrow hips. He can wear it. He could wear the pink hoodie, with these pants, and he could make it work.

Instead. I get pleats and loser pants. And stubbornness.

So, here’s David Beckham continuing to work out with Tottenham today. In a pink hoodie that fits him perfectly, that drapes around his shoulders perfectly, that falls to the waist perfectly, wearing black pants that hang just so, with the exception of the douche chain, and hemmed to the shoes at exactly the right length. I especially like the way it all comes together from the back view.

And this is just a casual day.

Photos from WeirPhotos/