Didn't take long for David Beckham to get outta South Africa and arrive in Nice after England's loss to Germany. Becks of course is heading to the Beckham chateau to join his family for a long awaited reunion. And prove that he wants to be with his wife.

He was in a suit yesterday in the article I posted. Today it's casual airport gear and the best fitting jeans and no less quivering. Please it's so great to see him without a beard.

And now what?

After summer holiday, Becks and his healed Achilles will presumably be back on the pitch as he tries to squeeze out more from his career, something he's been heartbreakingly trying to prolong. First for the World Cup, sabotaged by injury, and now perhaps because it must be hard to face the next step.

As noted before, it's the great unknown for a professional athlete upon retirement. He can pose for photos all he wants, and walk carpets with his wife bringing Beckham Porn, but ultimately it's not what he DOES. Or maybe then it'll be Victoria's turn.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com