Of roses.

10 roses around his arm, a brand new tat, to symbolise 10 years of marriage. He showed it off during practice the other day and again last night upon arrival in New York.

Becks is with the Galaxy, in town for a match against the New York Red Bulls tomorrow, and dropped by The Today Show this morning. Here he is in a suit signing autographs.

Before leaving on the road trip, Becks and Posh supposedly hooked up with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez for a double date and spent 4 hours together at J’s place. Posh and JLo are still friends…?

JLo has a Vogue cover. Just one, but it’s one more than Posh. She probably had it wallpapered all over her house the day they came over.

Photos from Wenn.com and Doug Meszler/Saleem Elatab-AhmadElatab/Splashnewsonline.com