66,000 showed up at Giants stadium for The Hotness. 66,000 when the average is just over 11,000 but they came for David Beckham. He was the toast of NYC this weekend and he didn’t disappoint.

It was a barn burner that finished at 5-4 with David’s side on the losing end despite him setting up 3 goals.

But still…he took his shirt off. Everyone wins.

He also took his shoes off. Clearly on a mission to win over the unwinnable, the people of New York who are not easily impressed, David signed autographs for everyone, even going so far as to go barefoot and give his trainers away to a desperate autograph seeker… anything to gain the love and devotion, no matter how fickle, of the all important American public.

Some of you might find that disgusting. I on the other hand would give anything for his shoes. Anything with a drop of his sweat. Is that wrong?

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