I love it when men hug in soccer. In Europe they always hug and rub each other on the head. Very erotic. Last year I wrote about Becks & Iker: A Love Story. Some of the best photos ever taken. Click here to see. And so this is Becks last night for the Galaxy vs the New York Red Bulls embracing teammate Landon Donovan, celebrating even though some woman in the crowd has a problem with how he smells.

I don’t think I’d have a problem with how Becks smells, if he smells at all, and it doesn’t look like he smells. In fact, given his OCD tendencies, if Becks smells, it probably isn’t bad. It’s probably Armani mixed with foundation and a homewrecker repellent formulated by his wife. And if he took his shirt off he’d be smearing it all over Landon. It’s Friday. You are allowed to let your mind wander.

Landon by the way is the one who told that journalist who wrote The Beckham Experiment that he thought Becks lacked commitment. The book has come and gone, released with little fanfare, not even so much as a blip on the smutty dial. Which is why he and Posh didn’t bother at all to counter it. On the scandal scale, where they’re concerned, it’s been much worse.

What’s a little corporate espionage compared to a Loos with massive breasts and intimate knowledge of his golden balls? No sweat.

Photos from Wenzelberg/Splashnewsonline.com