David Beckham’s been in Miami promoting the new MLS team there. He attended a press conference and was mobbed by fans and also went to see a luxury apartment building that Simon Fuller’s involved with down there.

A crash pad?

In Miami?

David Beckham Miami crash pad?

Oh la.

Miami is excess. Miami is decadent. Miami is… sinful. Miami is SKINfull.

That sounds like a lot of temptation.

Becks in retirement is keeping himself busy. He’s the ambassador of his game all over the world. He has his underwear ads. He’s filling his post-professional athlete days as much as he can. But it’s not the routine of being on the team – the daily training sessions, the practices, the team events, the travel, the game day preparation, the structure, the feeling of purpose that defines an player’s life for his entire life… until it’s over. It’s a very interesting period of transition. Some of them handle it poorly. Others find a way to thrive. So far Becks seems to be thriving. Crash pad in Miami doesn’t hurt.