David Beckham is currently with the English team in South Africa supporting their bid for the World Cup. Three more days! Yesterday Becks attended a friendly between the Platinum Stars and England. Photos are attached. Today he was on the pitch during a training session with the team and couldn’t help himself, resulting in a few reprimands from the coaches. He is of course still recovering from injury and clearly itching to go. F-ck he is beautiful.

Can’t imagine how hard it must be to be there and not be there. And especially now that Rio Ferdinand is out too. But it’s more than just this tournament and just this year, it’s also about the rest of his life. Everything is youth for professional athletes. And it’s all they know. And in their minds it’s the best of all time. And when it’s over there’s still 60 or 70 years to go. How do they fill it?

Posh and the boys were spotted the other day leaving LA presumably on the way to join him. It’ll ease some of the frustration.

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Photos from INFphoto.com