David Beckham spent Saturday in Vegas without the Posh for the Ricky Hatton bout and then celebrated with the boxer afterwards. He was photographed throwing back a few beer, having a dude night, totally relaxed at the afterparty (despite his trademark scowl for the paps) without the intense self consciousness that follows his wife and, for the most part, behaving himself in a roomful of women undoubtedly eager to test his fidelity.

This, of course, is encouraging for Victoria who is reportedly going to pieces over the stress of her husband’s imminent move to Italy.

Mrs Beckham meanwhile is supposedly still scheming for a US Vogue cover and I’m told she’s now trying to go through Armani to make it happen. As you know, her concrete tits will soon be starring in the brand’s new women’s underwear campaign and she’s apparently been begging Giorgio to plead her case with Anna Wintour.

Anna’s excuse to this point, aside from the fact that she enjoys torturing the desperate Victoria, has been that Posh doesn’t sell. And the priority in publishing, naturally, is to move as many copies as possible.

Remains to be seen whether 2009 will be Victoria’s year.

Photos from Flynetonline.com