The LA Galaxy played at home vs AC Milan yesterday – Becks had a good game, delivered a solid performance, and helped on both Galaxy goals but many fans were unmoved and unforgiving of his perceived disloyalty to the team. He tried to convince the press later on that he was unaffected by the crowd but the booing and jeering clearly rattled Becks at one point when he went over, apparently to try and make peace with a disgruntled fan, but ended up exchanging heated words with him instead. 

Maybe he was trying too hard to impress Tom Cruise who, with his daughter Isabella, was watching intently from the VIP box trying to mask his excitement in his tight ill-fitting jeans. Because for Tom, not only is Becks a turn-on when he’s distressed, he’s also a target when he’s vulnerable. It’s how the Church preys. 

No doubt Becks could have used some auditing in the heat of the moment, some Xenu guidance to stay present and focused and immune to criticism. Tom is already working on the lesson plan. 

While her husband was battling his opponents off and on the pitch, Mrs Beckham held court surrounded by her celebrity friends including the aforementioned Tom Cruise, and also Kate Beckinsale, looking browner than ever, almost burned. Like to me that looks red. Does it look red to you? Anna Wintour doesn’t like red skin. But not even Anna Wintour can cure a girl of her chav.

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