Poor Becks!

Transatlantic travel is taking its toll. Becks was in Europe earlier this week practicing for England’s friendly against Germany, then he flew back immediately to suit up for the LA Galaxy’s match against Chivas USA. In the first half, Chivas midfielder Jesse Marsch fouled him too hard, Becks lost his sh-t and got up in Jesse’s face, ready to throw down. Pushing and shoving ensued, Becks had to be pulled back, benches cleared but eventually cooler heads prevailed, no punches were thrown.

So I know fighting is not the way. And violence is never an option. But I’m telling you, David Beckham all fierce and feral? Massive quiveration. Is that wrong?

As for his fatigue, sounds like it’s only the beginning. David has said he is committed to England as well as to the Galaxy which means he is expected to log over “75,000 air miles across 128 time zones” in the next several weeks while his wife hangs back to manage the children and their new home in California. But when Becks is tired and stressed out and lonely, as what happens to the best of us, he tends to make mistakes. The kind of mistakes that involve another woman in his bed. Remember Spain 2004?

Meanwhile, as David fumed on the pitch last night, Victoria held court in her VIP section with Gordon Ramsey and his wife. Word is she was shocked by his reaction. Do you think she practiced her “shocked” look in the mirror? I do. Look at it. There’s nary crease nor a crinkle across that face - mouth open just the right amount, not big enough to see teeth, not small enough to look like she’s pouting. The woman’s muscle control is astounding.