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Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 4, 2009 13:54:15 February 4, 2009 13:54:15

Two more ads – Becks for Armani. I’ll give you a minute.



In other Beckham news, AC Milan’s GM revealed that the team would love to keep him but that it’s up to the LA Galaxy and should the LA Galaxy decided to make David Beckham stay with their team, it would be a huge regret to see him go. Strong words. They love him over there.

So are they moving? It’s a controversial issue and Becks’s people are not talking. The Galaxy invested in a superstar, but now that the top leagues are giving him some respect, he wants to leave America behind? This is how it’s being interpreted in some circles. My husband even, when watching a segment on SportsCentre the other night, was like – that ain’t right. Where are his loyalties?


He’s in his underwear. Why are we talking about loyalties?

Sorry to be crass...but it’s a sock. It has to be a sock. But maybe it’s not a sock. Maybe it’s just Becks. All Becks.

Oh la.

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