I love this video. And it’s funny. HE is funny. And so impressively able to hold it together. It would have been over for me in the first 30 seconds. I won’t spoil it, you just have to watch. He really does a great job.


Victoria and his boys were there, two of them at least. Posh apparently was brought into the interview when Becks claimed that he is neat and she is messy and she objected to that, to which he replied jokingly:

“We’re going to have our first argument in 11 years.”

But at the same time, you know they’re serious about that too. They claim they don’t fight. Like Demi and Ashton claim they don’t fight. Because they’ve reached marital enlightenment.

As for their kids, Becks was on with Ryan Seacrest and revealed that Victoria has already had the sex talk with Brooklyn but that he couldn’t participate, it was too weird for him. Please. He’s saving his wisdom for when he and his kid are alone. You don’t think David Beckham has advice in that area for his son???

Anyway, he also acknowledged that Brooklyn does indeed worship him and is actually going as him for Halloween.

'Brooklyn is going to be me. He's literally going to wear a Galaxy shirt and shorts, its perfect because he's quite comfortable in a soccer kit. Romeo is going to be either Justin Bieber or a breakdancer and Cruz is going to be Elvis.'

I wish I was going as Willow Smith.

Photos from Wenn.com