Had to laugh the other day when I wrote about David Beckham’s latest hairstyle – click here –describing it as “military hipster” and my friend Lorella messaged me afterwards and said “Um, why don’t you just call it what it is”. 1. She knows me. 2. It totally is.

This is Becks working that deep side part during a friendly playing for the Galaxy vs UCLA yesterday. The day before he visited an LA Children’s Hospital and spoke to reporters about his wife’s pregnancy.

"She's great, she's very healthy. She's feeling good. She's in London at the moment working. We're very excited. It's an exciting time for the family.” (source)

So… can we talk about the wife and the baby bump?

I posted these photos of Posh the other day walking through Heathrow. About 5 minutes later I heard from my friend Lara who is due in 4 weeks and she was almost angry: “There is NO WAY she’s pregnant. How can she be pregnant?”

I just saw Lara here in Toronto on Tuesday night. She was over at Duana’s when I arrived from the airport. And she had to struggle to get up off the couch to give me a hug. Lara is uncomfortable. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you must know how it feels with a month to go.

Then the emails started pouring in from many of you echoing Lara’s sentiments. Granted she was wearing black and deliberately covering her unsightly bump – in her mind, not mine – but I see your point. There’s really no hint of it anywhere else. And as she progresses in her pregnancy, given that you all tell me about the swelling feet thing, I wonder how she’s going to jam that into her Brian Atwoods and walk down the runway.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com