Oh don’t tell me he’s not thinking it. Or imagining it.

After all, this is the man who cheated on his wife with the low rent Rebecca Loos whose assets cannot even come close to Sofia Vergara’s. And while he may be on his best behaviour these days, when it comes to keeping his straying on leash, how could he have spent all day with her yesterday, while shooting an ad for Pepsi, in a swimsuit, with her ridiculous body, and not wonder, just once, or several times, what it would be like to roll around with that for a while?

Because when he’s playing offside, Becks has demonstrated he needs more than just bones. Bones are what his wife has been serving up to him for too long. If only Victoria could just appreciate how much lovelier she could look with some extra padding. So ashamed is she of the extra padding, even during pregnancy, she won’t even let you see.

Oh Poshy, Sofia is a glorious example. Maybe after LaLa arrives, you might consider this for inspiration? Please. Like he would complain.

Photos from INF