Victoria and David Beckham worked out together yesterday in LA. Earlier this week, Radar posted an article with a sensational headline suggesting that a Beckham split would be imminent – click here for a refresher. Well, as I pointed out, it’s Radar, and even as they were going ahead with their story, Posh was love messaging David on Instagram as he played with H7’s doll clothes. So…

His publicist released a statement to Gossip Cop yesterday: “There is not one ounce of truth to this story. Anyone saying it is on a form of hallucinogenic drugs and should come back to reality.”

OK then. Nothing to see here.

But one of the reasons why everyone is sniffing around is that Laura Wasser interview, remember? Click here if you missed it. She told Bloomberg that she’d been working on a lot of divorce cases and that several would be filed after the Oscars, in March, because people didn’t want to be alone during award season. It’s been exactly a month now since the Oscars and the month is almost over. Friday, however, is April Fools. She might decide to dump and bury it all then?