Out six weeks and now deemed a waste of money for the LA Galaxy, Becks is taking refuge in his family – spending time with the boys at the beach, celebrating Romeo’s 5th birthday, and supporting his team from the private players’ box.

But enough with the professional complaints - the man has his shirt off. And when he doesn’t have his shirt off, he’s all fierce and focused with his beautiful sons wrapped all over him. Seriously, what’s not to love?

As for keeping busy, with all the downtime, Becks joked that he’s prepping his body to conceive Lala Beckham  although with Victoria embarking on tour in a couple of months (including rehearsal time) chances are he’ll have to hold off for a while yet. Curiously however Mrs Beckham has been keeping a rather low profile the last few weeks and when it comes to Posh, it is never an accident.

A new procedure perhaps? Keep you posted…