My quivering loins… of course he sleeps naked.

Becks is in Australia right now with the LA Galaxy and he appeared on local morning tv for an interview during which he was asked if he preferred “pyjamas or no pyjamas”. 

He replied – no pyjamas. Yum! 

This man is too fine to be left a long for so long. But with only 6 days to go before the Spice Reunion kicks off in Vancouver, Mrs Beckham has been undercover for what has become a suspiciously long time. 

Word is the Spices are rehearsing and starving and should be arriving in Vancouver by Wednesday to prep for the show. David is also expected to be in town to support his wife and there are now unsubstantiated rumours buzzing around that Tom and KatE are making the trip as well. Why would they avoid any opportunity to be hounded by the world media? Why would Tom pass up a chance to leer at the Beckham goldenballs and fantasise along with the rest of us? 

Here’s David rubbing his hot lips at the press conference in Sydney and smoldering in his suit at a gala in his honour.

Photos from splash and wenn