David Beckham was in West Hollywood yesterday, papped after getting a smoothie. And then he took a selfie. That’s the thing about selfies, right? You might look good in the actual selfie. But no one looks good while they’re taking a selfie, especially from the outside, especially when you’re using a selfie stick. You can be the coolest motherf-cker ever. You can be Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction, but you’re not looking cool using a selfie stick. The selfie is the signature move of Try. And Try is the antithesis of Cool.

So who’s this selfie for, David Beckham?

Is it less uncool if he was taking a goofy photo of himself to send to one of his kids?

Yeah, I know you. I know you’re all like, OMG so cute. And cute > cool, isn’t it? Is it?