Cruz has a hawk. And Becks is showing off a new cut too. I love. I die.

While Posh was sitting stiffly on a swing yesterday, David Beckham took his boys shopping – I guess this is how they parent? Because Victoria takes them shopping with her all the time too. Like there’s no other way to entertain children.

Anyway, about that incident with the Galaxy fans booing him the other day, David has addressed it even further:

"It's not a setback for myself. It's other people that have to change. It's not about whether I can move on. I wasn't the one booing. I don't like my son seeing that and hearing that. From an organized group of fans, I think it was disrespectful."

Myself. It’s not a setback for myself.

Why do people talk like this?

It’s not just him. It’s so many of these celebrities. It’s Big Ball Talk. It’s Let Me Sound Important Talk. The same kind of talk behind useless words like “utilise”.

It’s not a setback for ME.

As for David’s relationship with Galaxy supporters – it’s like a trend with him, non? He always wears out his welcome. With every team.

And the sexist bitches out there will inevitably blame it on his wife – as usual – but it has nothing to do with his wife. His wife is crippled by insecurity – she doesn’t call the shots on his life, or his career, or his penis.

It’s him.

It’s always been him.

Photos from Wenn.com