David Beckham accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year event last night in London. The entire family came out to support, his wife and three children sat in the front row. Photos are attached of them arriving, Posh posing hard in her camel coat and Brian Atwoods, stone faced as usual.

When Becks was up on stage however, it was a different Victoria in her seat, sort of. There were tears and I believe they were genuine tears. She is a lot of things, Posh, but she also deeply loves her husband. Some would say too much. Whatever your opinion of it, there’s no doubt she was proud. And, for a change, showed some real emotion... for the cameras.

Watch how she claps though. This is why I love her so. You’ll note that she claps with her hands extended far, far away from her body. To increase the tautness in her upper arms. Just to make sure there’s no flapping. Brilliant, right?

I also love how she looks expectantly up at him in her seat when he’s addressing her during his speech. Please. There is no f-cking way he’s forgetting to thank her on this momentous an occasion. And why not? She’s given him a lot. She has stood with him through more. Check her out trying not to crumple her face with emotion. Never let them get an unattractive shot. The effort involved in making this happen is making my life.

Video is below. The standing ovation that went on forever cracked me up too. All those Brits were like, when the f-ck can we sit down? Are you serious, we have to do this for David Beckham??? As for his hair – I know many of you aren’t diggin’ it. Me I don’t mind. At all. In fact, I kinda like it. Having said that, the image I like most is the one they kept up for a long time behind him on the big screen. His face in profile, close shaved head, arms thrown open almost defiantly, all the swagger of a captain in his prime.

And now, while obviously tremendously honoured, awards like this only come when a career is closing. It’s something Becks has been trying to avoid for years. What do you do when your widely acknowledged prime has already passed? I’ve always wondered if there’s a top secret retired star athlete support group that helps new members deal with the shock. They should make that movie.


Photos from Wenn.com