As I’m sure you’ve heard, David Beckham is reportedly joining AC Milan on loan to play this winter so that he can keep his eligibility…something like that. The technical details for the purposes of this column are not important. What is important is that it looks like the Beckhams are headed to Italy where Victoria can pretty much move in with D&G and David can have his way with luscious women who won’t die after consuming carbohydrates.

Check out Becks at practice in LA yesterday. He’s hot to me even when he’s drinking water.

Also – Posh is the new cover girl for Vogue India wearing a traditional wedding sari. She said she felt during the shoot like “an Indian princess!”

Guess they didn’t like her short hair?

It’s a throwback, isn’t it? World Cup 2006 – those shorty shorts and that weave…good times.

So that’s 2 Vogue covers – British Vogue, India Vogue…

But still no US Vogue which remains the most prized of them all.

Anna won’t give in.



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