Check out David Beckham playing for the LA Galaxy on Sunday – just about as unsexy as he’s ever looked. In fact, under that fecking beard, Becks is pretty mortal. Pretty ordinary. Pretty unquivering.

This is wrong!

Shave that sh*t!

As for why he seems hellbent on keeping the manly facial hair… let’s play make-a-story, shall we?

Is it getting too hard to stay true to his wife? Especially in Los Angeles where there are temptations around every corner, and right in front of you courtside at a basketball? Perhaps then the self uglification is an attempt at self discipline. Let me make myself as unattractive as I can. Let me try to reduce the amount of p&ssy that comes my way. Because it’s getting harder and harder to say no.

Admirable of him, don’t you think?

There is also another possibility.

Could the self uglification be an attempt to put off the Gay Midget Dwarf? Tom Cruise showed up to watch the game yesterday… maybe David is getting tired of the advances. Then again, I’ve a feeling the GMD gets off on a little mountain man, non?