He’s back with AC Milan – this is David Beckham arriving at the team’s training facility the other day and on the field today practising with his mates. They seem happy to be reunited. And David needs to stay healthy.

England coach Fabio Capello has confirmed that David will make his list for the 2010 World Cup if he can avoid injury during his second tour with AC Milan.

"Of course, if he plays well and is fit I will include him in my squad," Capello told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "I don't look at age, I pay attention to quality and David has a lot. He's serious, he's a great professional and he's crazy about the World Cup. He will again do good for Milan because he has the right head on his shoulders."

But again, he needs to stay healthy. Last year, Becks surprised many when he elevated his play in Europe, committed to representing his country once again in South Africa next summer. Becks is 34. His detractors say he’s too old. But every smutty bitch wants to see him there. For him, sure. But mostly because of the wife.

World Cup Posh is f-cking epic. Remember last time? With Cheryl Cole? In her red tank and daisy dukes and those boots and that weave and that tan and those nails? Bring. Her. Back.

Photos from OLYCOM/Bauergriffinonline.com