He’s the first man to cover ELLE UK in an issue timed for London 2012. We’re less than 2 months away from the start of the Olympics now. I interviewed a Canadian Olympian yesterday who is heading to the Games. We need to start a liveblog from inside the Athlete’s Village. We could call it The Village Mole. With the amount of hooking up that goes on in there? OMG, can you imagine? I would totally volunteer to do that. I would take out a mortgage to be able to do that.

Here are the two David Beckham ELLE UK covers which, frankly, to me anyway, are rather underwhelming. Who looks good in wet pants? Why put him in wet pants when we all know he can rock the sh-t out of a pair of dry pants? Is this who we are now? Throw him in the pool and make him take his shirt off and that’ll get those horny broads moist and sloppy. Great. I guess that’s why we don’t need to see his eyes. Look at his face as he’s getting out of the water. Look at that squint. He can do better than that squint. He can be a lot sexier than a terribly styled shoot as he’s squinting with the sun in his eye. For some reason I find this super annoying. That a magazine like ELLE UK made such a big ass deal of their first solo male cover and this is how they pissed it away. Lazy.