Check it out -- how f-cking cute is this?

H7 and her dad went for a walk. She wore her Pink Ladies jacket and a dope pair of baby boots.

“And we’re gonna ruuuuuule the school!”

H7 had a busy weekend. On Saturday she hit up the Hertfordshire Theatre with her ma and her brother Romeo to watch the Three Counties Youth ballet, just one of the many stops on Victoria Beckham’s busy schedule.

Have you read about her schedule?

Harper’s Bazaar featured an article called “Victoria Beckham in 24 Hours” recently. It’s hysterical. She claims she gets ready in only half an hour. Because SHE IS A MOM. Which ends up being the entire point of the post:

Victoria Beckham IS A MOM.

She repeats it, exhaustively, over and over and over again.

Being a mom is the reason she doesn’t read. Being a mom is the reason she doesn’t sleep (much). Being a mom is why she loves children’s homework. Being a mom is why she does timetables for breakfast.

Why the worry that we’ll forget she’s a mom? There are FOUR children in that household. Who could possibly forget she is a mom?

Click here to read Victoria’s 24 hour schedule.