The way he came up on that boat, wearing the sh-t out of his suit, come on. I will take that over Ryan Lochte any, ANY time. We will get to Ryan Lochte later. But if your argument is that Becks is dumb and talks with a weird voice, you should really, really avoid a Ryan Lochte presser is all I’m saying.

Anyway, many of you noted that Becks looked a little smirky during his torch delivery at the Opening Ceremony on Friday night. I don’t know that it was smirky so much as emotional. At certain points it seemed like he needed to take a deep breath and not cry. I really think he was trying to not smile as widely and as excitedly as he wanted to. A lesson, I suppose, he’s learned from his wife. Besides, men don’t like smiling big. Is it beaten out of you boys in grade school or something? Look at them on red carpets. The go-to pose is the Blue Steel. With the exception of Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Will Smith who always grin with teeth. Now I think we may have hit on something...

Anyway, before the torch ride Becks spent the afternoon with Michelle Obama, helping out with her fitness message. And yesterday, even though he was left off the squad, Becks was there to support Team GB’s first match alongside his friend, Prince William. The three Beckham boys were also there. Check out Cruz. That one cracks me up.