David Beckham played for the LA Galaxy yesterday in a friendly game against Club Tijuana. As you can see, he’s working a very deep side part. Like military hipster, I guess. Jesus he is handsome.

Speaking of fascinators and the Royal Wedding, the Beckhams have apparently been invited. Fortuitously, Becks doesn’t have a game on April 29th. His schedule looks relatively open. So they’re totally going then. Posh is totally going in maternity wear. But how about their boys?

I wonder what the Royal protocol is on children at weddings. OMG the f-ckin’ DRAMA that goes down with kids and weddings, have you ever? With ours it wasn’t an issue but I know several people who didn’t want them and then offended people and then go upset because it was their day and they should be able to have it their way and then this person decided not to come and because that person wasn’t coming another person bailed too and everybody cried and it was so much stress and those wounds are still fresh two years later.

Imagine the same thing happening with William & Kate? I mean, they’ve already decided to cut off their cousins’ mother Fergie. Don’t tell me that invitation process isn’t a soap opera in and of itself.

Photos from Flynetonline.com