In the wake of Madonna’s marital collapse, David Duchovy and Tea Leoni cleverly announced their separation yesterday to hoping their situation would get buried in Her Madgesty’s drama.

Almost…but for Billy Bob Thornton and David’s little sex addiction thing.

What’s curious is that David and Tea apparently split up months ago, WELL before David went to rehab to treat his problem, prompting many to wonder – if he was single… was it really that much of a problem? And the timing too, right?

He went to rehab for sex addiction right before the season premiere of his show Californication in which he plays a sex addict.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

As for what really led to their breakdown of the marriage – online buzz centres around Billy Bob Thornton. He and Tea starred in a movie together and there are now suggestions that the two became intimate.

Supposedly it all came to a head when David found out about the affair after breaking into Tea’s blackberry and reading their illicit text messages.

Please note however that this has been circulating for weeks, largely disregarded by many, including the low ranking American rags because it’s believed that the story originated through a message left on a comment section of a fan site… not exactly the most credible source and something to be aware of as you’re standing in line at the Gossip Buffet.

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